Membership is open for people with an university degree (or equivalent) who have contributed to the development of psychological assessment.

Annual fees

Annual fees for ordinary members are € 75,-
Annual fees for PhD students (with a first degree) € 50,-
Annual fees for undergraduate students € 10,-

Ordinary members and PHD students fees include:

  • a subscription to the European Journal of Psychological Assessment (only ordinary members and PhD students)
  • a reduction of the fee for the biennial conferences of the Association

Students fees include

  • The students have access to the EAPA website and a reduction for the biennial conference except for receiving the EAPA's journal

Payment of fees

Each year members will receive an invoice from Hogrefe & Huber Publishers for renewal of membership to the EAPA. That invoice contains information on how to pay the dues using credit cards. For those who prefer to make a direct (internet) bank-transfer, the details are as follows:

It is VERY important that the reference line with the payment includes "EAPA Membership [Year] for [Member Name]"

For EURO payments:

Account holder: Hogrefe & Huber Publishers
Bank name: Sparkasse Goettingen
IBAN: DE42 2605 0001 0004 7098 38
(For German members: BLZ 260 500 01, Account 4709838)

For US Dollar payments:

Account holder: Hogrefe & Huber Publishers
Bank name: Deutsche Bank, Goettingen
IBAN: DE36 2607 0072 0022 6530 10

Application for membership

Applicants for membership of the EAPA are advised to use Online Application, and only to use the PDF-Form (2 pages) if there were any problem with the online procedure.


Dr. Itziar Alonso-Arbiol
Faculty of Psychology
University of the Basque Country
Avda. de Tolosa 70
20018 San Sebastián (Spain)


Attached Files

EAPA Membership Application Form (pdf / 167 Kb)


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